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How Cluttered Are You?

 Posted by FMS SuperAdministrator on October 12, 2013 at 7:20 PM

If you think you’ve got it together, you may be right.  But you may also be looking at your home through rose colored glasses.

How many of these items do you have in your home?

  • 2 or more piles of clean clothes waiting to be put away
  • 2 or more piles of paperwork or other items waiting to be put away
  • A filing/storage system you’ve never used
  • Out of date prescription medicine
  • More than 3 half-used bottles of shampoo or lotion
  • A single earring (the other is lost or broken)
  • A clothing item that hasn’t fit for over 2 yrs
  • Bed linen that doesn’t fit any of the beds in your home
  • A half-finished project that you will never finish
  • Pictures that you have never hung on the wall
  • Spare change randomly throughout the house

If you have:
1-4 items…  you’ve definitely got a handle on organizing and decluttering!

5-7 items…  your home could use some TLC.

8-11 items…  you may need some help with your stuff.