LETTING GO OF YOUR CLUTTER with 10 Methods to Declutter Your Home

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LETTING GO OF YOUR CLUTTER with 10 Methods to Declutter Your Home

Before you start your decluttering journey, watch the video below for 5 mistakes to avoid!

Below is a list of 10 methods from all the major decluttering experts:

1. 1 Item Per Day

Colleen Madsen made a decision to remove one item from her home every single day and created the 365 Items method, removing 1 item from your home each day for 1 year. Whether you choose 1 item per day with her philosophy, or more than one to increase the speed of your decluttering, the goal is to declutter every single day—don’t overwhelm yourself.

2. The Becker Method

This method focuses on a room-by-room, starting with the most lived in and easiest spaces to accomplish. This way as you declutter and notice the benefits, the more difficult areas don’t feel so hard.

3. Peter Walsh- 5 Simple Steps

Walsh has 5 Simple Steps to his method of decluttering. But it starts with clearing out the room you want to work on first! If you're more curious, check out his television show, Enough Already!

4. 4 Box Method

Find four boxes and label them; Trash, Donate/Give, Keep, Relocate. Then sort your clutter into these four boxes. This method allows for flexibility during your sorting.

5. 5 Item Rule

For this method, you get rid of five things you haven’t touched in every room. The number of items isn’t that important but it gives a foundation where you can start.

6. Backward Hanger and Ribbon Technique Method

This method was featured on Oprah a few years ago, and is a fantastic way to clear out your closet. Simply find a bright colored ribbon and tie it around your closet rod. And as you wear your clothes, hang them on the other side of the ribbon (or backwards). After each month, you will start to notice which clothes you never wear and can discard them.

7. Fly Lady- A Little Everyday

Do a little every day — use a timer, up to 15 minutes. Hit the hot spots and work in small increments so you don’t get overwhelmed or burned out. In a couple of months, the whole house will be decluttered.

8. Clutter Free App

The app is the first decluttering app to create a personalized, room-by-room to-do list for your home. It will even track your progress, unlock achievements, document donations, and allow you to compare before and after photos. This robust app combines the power of technology with your desire to declutter to help you succeed in your efforts to minimize (2).

9. A Minimalist Packing Party

For this method, put all of your possessions into boxes like you’re moving. Invite a few friends over to help, that’s why it's called a party. Afterwards, remove items from your boxes only as you actually need them. These are the things that add value to your life.

10. Hire Professional Decluttering Help

Last but not least, you have the option to hire professional help like Caring Transitions! Our trained professionals can help you pack, declutter, and even clean out your home, if you need it. Give us a call today!


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